SaaS founders and VCs are getting their faces ripped off

‘”The fuckin’ frogs are getting their faces ripped off.”

That line — uttered by someone called “The Human Piranha”  — is from Michael Lewis’ book, Liar’s Poker — about his time working for Salomon Brothers.

(I once met someone who worked for Salomon. It turns out the Piranha was a real person and actually talked like that.)

I was reminded of this quote when I was reading about crashing startup valuations.

The tl:dr version is that the easy money is drying up — possibly by as much as 70-80%.

And, without that easy money, two things are happening…

#1: Startups are desperately looking for a way to make their existing funding last longer. Because, if they don’t, they’re going to have to give up a LOT to get more funding.

The phrase “motivated borrowers” comes to mind.

#2: A lot of VC firms are left holding the bag… a rapidly-depreciating bag.

Fortunately, there’s a strategy to handle economic conditions like these…to increase your revenue, increase your profit — while reducing your payback period and burn rate.

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I used this very strategy to increase one SaaS business’ PPC profits 643% in just 7 months. And you can use it to increase your PPC profits, too.

(In fact, chapter 6 is titled, ” What does this mean for profit, payback period, and burn rate?”)

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Steve Gibson