What do I do?

I do the things that increase PPC profits. That means…

PPC Optimisation All the stuff “normal” ppc managers do – from account structure, quality score optimisation, bid optimisation, ad testing, keyword research… as I said, all the stuff.

Conversion rate optimisation of landing pages, forms and funnels.

Copywriting for customer onboarding and retention. That can be your homepage, your ppc landing pages, form pages, emails, explainer pages.  Anything that either increases conversion or increases the lifetime value of your customers and trialists.

Marketing strategy to uncover ways to improve every step of your funnel.

Data analysis – So you know what ROAS you’re getting from each segment of your PPC. That means you’re not over-paying for low value signups, while under-bidding for the most valuable prospects.

How do I do work?

I start by doing a full analysis of your PPC funnel – from the moment a prospect does a search, to the point where they become a paying customer.

So that’s…

  • Impression share
  • Click rate
  • Landing page performance
  • Sign up page performance
  • On-boarding

I roll up my sleeves and get stuck into your PPC account, your analytics, you back end data. And, once I’ve finished – and these take a week or two to complete – you get a report that shows you:

* How your funnel is performing

* How it could be performing – how many users and how much money you’re missing out on.

* Where the leaks are – which steps in the funnel are causing the most problems.

* Why those leaks are happening – I use my 14 years’ experience to come up with explanations of why those leaks are happening. This could be problems with your PPC account structure, your bid strategy, your ad copy could be unpersuasive, your landing pages might be speaking to the wrong search intent, your onboarding might be failing to engage with your trialists…

* And concrete suggestions for ways to improve each step – this can be “move this keyword into a new ad group and have an ad that says X” or “test this landing page with a headline that says Y”…

These reports tend to be 12-15 pages. So there’s no shortage of detail.

(If you’d like to see an example of one, just ask.)

And, after you’ve had the time to digest it, we get on a call and walk through it – so all your questions are answered.

What happens next?

Once you have the report, you have 3 choices:

#1: You can implement it yourself.

#2: You can hire me to implement it.

#3: You can implement it while retaining me as a consultant to help you.

Can I work with you in-house?

I can work in one of two ways: I can work remotely, or I can move to your city and work in-house.

Or even do a mix of the two – where I can work remotely, but visit regularly.

How long does it take to implement?

That depends on you…

If I’m working full-time for your business and you let me work at full speed, you should see extraordinary results within 6 months.

Why 6 months?

Because it takes a month or two to fully understand your business, model exactly what’s going on in your funnel, study your prospects, analyse your competitors, and optimise your PPC.

And that leaves me 4 or 5 months where I can come up with a ton of test ideas and split-test the hell out of them.

What sort of cost are we looking at?

For the funnel analysis, the current price is €3,650. (Plus expenses, if you want me to do it on location.)

For the implementation, – or for consulting – let’s negotiate!

How do we get started?

To give me an idea about your business, I have a short questionnaire. It’s only 6 questions and only takes a few minutes to complete. Click here to get started.