I do one thing… for one group of people.

I increase the PPC profits of SaaS companies.

If that describes who you are and what you want, great!

So what exactly do I do?

I do the things that increase PPC profits. That means…

PPC Optimisation All the stuff “normal” ppc managers do – from account structure, quality score optimisation, bid optimisation, ad testing, keyword research… all the stuff.

Conversion rate optimisation of landing pages, forms and funnels

Copywriting for customer onboarding and retention. That can be your homepage, your ppc landing pages, form pages, emails, explainer pages. 

Marketing strategy to uncover ways to improve every step of your funnel.

Data analysis – So you know what ROAS you’re getting from each segment of your PPC. That means you’re not over-paying for low value signups, while under-bidding for the most valuable prospects.

Where do I do it? (Where are you based?)

I can work in one of two ways: I can work remotely, or I can move to your city and work in-house.

Now, it won’t surprise you that I can do better work – and faster – if I’m in-house.

Nor will it surprise you that it’ll also be more expensive… unless you understand opportunity cost, in which case, it’s a lot cheaper.

And, if your city’s a shithole, forget it, I’m not coming.

(Do I think your city is a shithole? If you have to ask, you already know the answer…)

But, basically, if you’re based in one of Europe’s many great cities, it’s probably not a problem – as long as your office is English-speaking.