Is your SaaS onboarding folklore or “folk bore”?

When Taylor Swift put out her latest album – Folklore – the twitter hot-takers jumped all over it. 

One of the less imaginative put downs was, “Folklore? More like folk bore.”

My take?

It’s a grower.

During each listen, a different song stood out. And, before too long, there were 5 or 6 songs I really liked. 

But I only reached that point because Taylor gave me a reason to hang in there – because each listen rewarded me with a new “win.”

And it’s the same with SaaS free trials.

If my first attempt to use new software doesn’t give me a win, chances are, I’m not coming back.

And I’m not alone.

According to one study, “40% to 60% of free trial users will only use your service or product once and will not return.”

So what should you do?

Simple: Don’t leave trialists to play around aimlessly, and hope they find something they like.

Instead, design your on-boarding for quick wins. That way, you’re giving your software the chance to grow on them.

Steve Gibson