Why you shouldn’t fix your marketing problems

The other day, I was listening to an audiobook where the author said something interesting.

He said the reason poor people stay poor is that they’re focused on fixing their debt, rather than creating wealth. 

So even if they succeed – and pay off their debt – they’re only back at zero.

So, instead, they should focus on creating wealth because, if you create wealth, your debt goes away anyway – and you still have the wealth.

And he said the same thing applies to other common problems, like losing weight or relationship problems.

For example, rather than “fixing” all the arguments you have with your spouse, make the best things about the relationship even better, and most of those arguments will just disappear. 

Well, that got me thinking…

You see, the “big story” of what I do is that I fix leaks in PPC funnels. And that, if you fix multiple leaks, those fixes multiply like compound interest and produce outstanding results.

(Like a 643% increase in profit in just 7 months.)

So how am I producing wealth-creating results from a problem-fixing approach?

I guess it’s because I’m constantly working on one question: “How do we earn more money per visitor?”

And that’s a growth question, rather than a problem question.

And, by focusing on that, we’re not trying to get back to zero – like someone in debt – we’re taking something that works and making it even better.

All the best,

Steve Gibson

PS If you’ve already read my book, The SaaS Multiplier Method, you might already be experiencing some of the growth that comes from fixing the leaks in your PPC funnel.