Why SaaS Marketing is like eating hot dogs

In 2001, a skinny kid called Takeru Kobayashi transformed the world of competitive hot dog eating.

Takeru ate 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes, smashing the previous record of 25.5. 

When asked how he was able to beat the record by such a margin, he explained he never thought about the record. So, when his opponents were focused on how to eat more hot dogs, Takeru focused on how to eat one hot dog faster.

And that’s the same as the SaaS Multiplier Method mentality: I don’t focus on how to triple or quadruple my PPC clients’ profits. That feels hard to do.

Instead, I focus on improving a handful of metrics by small margins.

Think about it, if you were to ask a PPC expert if they could increase the click rate of an account by 20%, they’d probably say yes. Or even get 20% more impressions… still not hard.

Or, if you asked a copywriter if they could increase a landing page’s conversion rate by 20%, they’d say they probably could.

Or if you asked a conversion rate optimisation expert whether they could optimise a form to get 20% more signups, that wouldn’t be a big ask.

Or, if you asked a marketing strategist if they could come up with an email gauntlet series to improve onboarding by 20%, they’d find that straightforward.

Or, if you asked a marketing strategist if they could increase customer lifetime value by 20%, it would be simple to do. 

So no part of the SaaS Multiplier Method is particularly hard.

But, if you multiply them together – six 20% improvements in the funnel, you end up with a 199% increase in revenue.

But, because only two of these 6 improvements increase ad costs – the increase in clickrate and impressions – your ad costs only increase by 44%.

And, with a 199% increase in revenue and only 44% increase in costs, you typically get increases in profit by 300% or more.

And that’s the SaaS Multiplier Method in a nutshell: a relentless focus on the most important levers at the same time – by someone who has the 4 key skills.

(Which are: marketing strategy, PPC expertise, copywriting, and data analysis.)

All the best,

Steve Gibson

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