This kind of marketing costs $43,000 a day

Imagine that, every day, a guy turns up at your desk with a briefcase.

He opens the briefcase. It’s filled with $100 bills. 500 of them.

He takes the briefcase and dumps the money all over your desk, and says, ‘That’s $50,000. I’ll be back in two hours. Whatever money’s still lying on your desk, I’ll put back in the case and take away with me.’”

So, let me ask you, if this happened to you, how much money would you leave on your desk?

You’d probably be shoving the money in your pockets, in your socks, your shoes, down your shirt… wherever you can.

$50,000 is a lot of money, after all. 

You certainly wouldn’t pick up $7,000 and leave the other $43,000 lying there, would you?

But say, instead of money on your desk, this was money leaking out of your PPC funnel?

Last year, I had a SaaS client who was in exactly this position. They thought they were doing well – generating $2.5m/year LTV from their PPC.

I showed them how, with a few fixes to their funnel, they could turn that $2.5m into $17.9m.

Or, to put it another way, from $7,000 a day to $50,000.

And, to show them how easy that was, I took one of their PPC accounts and improved the clickrate by 70% in just one month. 

The rest of the plan they chose to implement in-house. 

Now, I’m not promising I can find an extra $15,400,000 revenue in your PPC funnel. But I can say that I’ve never seen a SaaS funnel whose performance couldn’t be doubled.

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All the best,

Steve Gibson