The Stringer Bell secret to SaaS success

Recently, I’ve been re-watching clips of The Wire on youtube.

My favourite is where Stringer is explaining the new business model to his foot soldiers.

You can watch it here:



They’re focused on how many street corners they can control, how to protect those corners from other drug gangs, and how to fight for those other gang’s corners.

Stringer explains that corners don’t matter if you don’t have a good product. 

He said, “Get it straight, your territory ain’t going to mean shit if your product is weak.”

And then he explains that, if you do have the best product, you can have all the territory you want – because other gangs are going to do deals with you so they can sell your drugs.

Now, bringing this back to SaaS…

You might think I’m about to say you need to have the best software in your niche.

No – though that’s important.

No, in this case, “product” means your funnel. It means lifetime value. Not lifetime value of a customer. Not even lifetime value of a trialist. It’s lifetime value of a visitor.

If you can earn more from a visitor than your competitors do, you can go to Google Ads and buy the top spot.

Not only that, but you can do deals with all your competitors’ affiliates. And, because you can afford to pay them more per visitor, they’ll send their traffic to you.

So, how do you do this? How do you get the best funnel?

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