My bizarre Biden bet

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to get political…

Earlier this week, I bet Biden won’t win the election.



  1. He’s heavy odds-on to win.
  2. There are so many things that can go wrong for him. 

These are the kinds of bets I love: I have multiple ways to win, but only one way to lose.

And it’s why I designed the SaaS Multiplier Method the way I did.

You see, the SaaS MM gives you so many different ways to multiply your PPC profits that, even if some of them flop, you’ll still get incredible results.

Example: I did a PPC funnel analysis for an 8-fig company last October. Based on my conservative estimates, the company could get 495% higher PPC revenue and at least 600% higher profits.    

The company was sceptical, but hired me to optimise one of the steps in the SaaS MM – the click rate of their ads.

In my projections, I estimated a 20% improvement over 6 months. (Super conservative.)

In one month, I achieved around 70%. That’s a 70% increase in clicks – just by writing more compelling ads.

That meant, if we failed to hit my estimates for some of the other steps, we’d bought so much slack with the increase in click rate, that we’d still hit 600%.

And that makes winning really easy.

Steve Gibson

PS Even within click rate, I had multiple ways to hit 20%. I could split-test ads, I could restructure the account to improve relevance, I could improve quality score…

Multiple ways to win.