How to get the greatest gains in your SaaS PPC marketing

Kevin Kelly, the founder of Wired magazine, recently wrote:

“All the greatest gains in life — in wealth, relationships, or knowledge —come from the magic of compounding interest — amplifying small steady gains. All you need for abundance is to keep adding 1% more than you subtract on a regular basis.”

Now that was music to my ears.

That’s because The SaaS Multiplier Method – my technique for multiplying SaaS companies’ PPC profits – is based on this idea of compound growth.

It’s the idea that, rather than searching for a PPC “breakthrough” that’ll give you a huge increase in profits (and that probably doesn’t exist), you compound 8 small – and easy-to-achieve – improvements. 

That’s because…

#1: Your odds of success are far higher – because it’s easier to find small improvements than huge improvements.

#2: Those small improvements end up giving you greater overall returns.

Example: let’s say you go looking for that home run and you get lucky. You find one thing that’ll improve your PPC revenue by 200%. 

That’s pretty impressive.

But if, instead, you focused on improving all 8 steps of your funnel by just 20%, you’ll see a 330% increase.

And you didn’t have to “get lucky.”

You just, as Kelly said, “amplified small steady gains.”

All the best,

Steve Gibson