How to get the greatest gains in your SaaS marketing

Kevin Kelly, the founder of Wired magazine, recently wrote:

“All the greatest gains in life — in wealth, relationships, or knowledge —come from the magic of compounding interest — amplifying small steady gains. All you need for abundance is to keep adding 1% more than you subtract on a regular basis.”

Now that was music to my ears.

That’s because The SaaS Multiplier Method is based on this idea of compound growth.

It’s the idea that, rather than searching for a PPC “breakthrough” that’ll give you a huge increase in profits (and that probably doesn’t exist), you compound 8 small – and easy-to-achieve – improvements. 

That’s because…

#1: Your odds of success are far higher – because it’s easier to find small improvements than huge improvements.

#2: Those small improvements end up giving you greater overall returns.

Example: let’s say you go looking for that home run and you get lucky. You find one thing that’ll improve your PPC revenue by 200%. 

That’s pretty impressive.

But, unless your account is a mess, it’s probably not going to happen.

On the other hand, if you focus on improving all 8 steps of your funnel by just 20%, you’ll see a 330% increase.

And you didn’t have to “get lucky.” 

You just, as Kelly said, “amplified small steady gains.”

All the best,

Steve Gibson