How to make your SaaS landing pages glow

I’m currently living in Berlin, so I’ve been learning German.

And, I have to say, I love the way so many German words are combinations of other words. 

Sometimes it’s very logical. Like “Unterhosenbügler” – someone who irons their underpants.

But other times it’s quite poetic. Like “Glühbirne.”

Glühbirne literally means “glow pear.” It’s what you or I would call a “lightbulb.”

And it’s wonderfully visual. 

And visual language is something that’s sorely lacking from many SaaS landing pages. Too many use abstractions like:

“enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media”

Can you picture this? And, even if you try to make a picture in your head, does the picture represent what the company does?

How about: 

“Drive your results with meaningful emails”

Huh? Something to do with email, but what?

But some companies do a great job. Like Leadfeeder:

“Generate more leads by seeing which companies visit your site”

That’s visual. You can imagine seeing who’s visiting your website. You can imagine getting more leads.

And that’s what you want your visitors to do: to picture themselves having success using your product.

So paint pictures for your prospects. Help them imagine succeeding with your software, and you might find your conversion rate goes up.

All the best,

Steve Gibson 

PS Another poetic German word is “Kummerspeck.” It translates as “grief bacon” and means the excess fat gained from emotional over-eating.