In space, no-one can hear your business scream

During the space programme, NASA spent years and millions of dollars developing a pen that would write upside down and in a vacuum.

The Soviets just used a pencil.

You see, how you look at a problem depends on how you define that problem. If you define it as “we need a pen that works in space,” you’ll never stop to ask whether it has to be a pen.

Same thing in PPC.

If you start by saying, “Clicks are expensive. We need to reduce our cost per click,” then you’ll be focused on reducing costs. And that usually means reducing traffic.

But, if you ask, “What do we have to do to increase our profit per visitor?” then you have two ways to do it.

You could cut the cost of getting that visitor – your cost per click. Or you could increase your revenue per visitor.

And the latter is usually far easier.

You see, once you’ve optimised your Google Ads account to a reasonable level, there’s only so much you can do to keep improving your quality scores. There’s a pretty firm ceiling on your progress.

On the other hand, it’s often possible to double your conversion rate, or double the lifetime value of a customer.

Of course, the best approach is to work on ALL of these things: your cost per click, your conversion rate AND the value of a customer.

And, for the details of how to do that, check out my book, The PPC Multiplier Method.

All the best,

Steve Gibson