How to grow your business with “Disastrous” thinking

Chances are, you’ve never heard of the Disaster Artists podcast.

It’s two Irish guys talking about how they’d survive various horror/disaster movies.

For example, they’d survive the Purge by leaving America for a few days and going to Canada. (Sounds like a good idea.)

They would survive the Wicker Man by agreeing to have sex with Britt Ekland. (Do I really need a podcast to tell me to do this?)

And so on.

The podcast is a good laugh, but this “what if” thinking is quite a useful skill.

And, as we’re getting towards New Year – the time when we make resolutions…and then quickly forget them – it might be useful to do “what if” thinking about your business.

Questions like, “What if my traffic halved overnight and never recovered. What could I do to generate the same revenue from just half the visitors?”

Or, “What if I could never sell to a new customer ever again, and had to make my money off my email list, what would I do?”

Or, “What if one of my competitors undercut my prices by 50%, what could I do to make people still want to buy from me instead?”

Now, I’d suggest you come up with a list of scenarios like these – and think about how you’d solve them. Because, even though these scenarios will probably never happen, the solutions to them might be your next marketing breakthrough.

All the best,

Steve Gibson

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