How to play the game of PPC on easy mode

As I keep saying, Google Ads comes down to:

Money out v money in.

i.e. Earning more per click (money in) than you pay for that click (money out).

Most PPC managers play that game by saying “OK, we can afford to spend £2/click, so let’s get as much traffic as we can under that level.”

So they write lots of ads and tinker with bids…to squeeze more clicks out of the system.

That’s playing the game on hard mode – because they’re going to struggle against any competitor who is willing to pay £3/click.

What I prefer to do is ask, “OK, how do I double our revenue per click?”

Because, when I do that, I can bid £4/click… and simply outbid my client’s competitors.

And, by bidding so much higher, I can lock down top ad positions and get 3-15x more traffic.

Now, doubling revenue/click might sound easier said than done. But it’s really not that complex. In fact, for SaaS companies, there are 6 levers you can use to achieve this.

And, thanks to the magic of compound interest, small improvements to each one will easily double your revenue/click.

All is revealed in my book, The SaaS Multiplier Method.

Steve Gibson