I’m Steve Gibson – AKA The SaaS Multiplier Method guy.

As someone who’s managed PPC accounts since 2006, I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses. But SaaS has long been my favourite?


Complex funnels

Because, in SaaS, there’s a complex funnel with many stages. And each of these stages is an opportunity to get an edge over the competition.

Copywriting matters

If you’re selling Levi jeans, all people care about is price, availability, speed of delivery, and whether they trust you. So copywriting really doesn’t matter much.

But, in SaaS, copywriting will make or break you. You need copywriting skills for your ads, your landing pages, your signup pages, your email on-boarding (and explainer videos), your retention, your upselling…

As well as being a PPC manager, I’m also a copywriter who’s received compliments from some of the best direct-response copywriters in the world. (And who has a 7-0 record in split-tests against Conversion Rate Experts.)

So I can use those skills to improve every stage of your PPC funnel.

Data is complicated

That might sound like a bad thing – and, in many ways, it is.

But data is complicated for your competitors, too.

And, because I have a degree in maths and stats – and spent almost a decade working in finance – I can analyse your data and model your funnel. That way, you’ll be spending money where you get the greatest returns.

Strategy matters

To go back to my ecommerce example: if you’re selling jeans, strategy is pretty simple. You try to sell them more jeans, and maybe a t-shirt or a jacket…

With SaaS, marketing strategy is more complex. You need to think of positioning, offers, packages, retention, cross-selling…

With my 15 years of internet marketing experience, I’ve seen pretty much every sort of problem…and helped clients overcome those problems.

Hire me and you get the benefits of that experience.

So, if you’re looking for a PPC manager who brings a lot more to your SaaS company than just pushing buttons within the PPC interface, you may have found your guy.